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Solutechnical began as a development freelancer back in 2015. After finding a passion for research into business development, this has since evolved into a technological support for many areas – and a goal to progress into more. As well as development services, Solutechnical now offers a wide variety of services including Marketing, Analytics, Security, Hosting, and SaaS Intranets.

We’re always looking for new talent, especially those who are looking to progress far and continue their learning. We’re very invested in the research and involvement of new technologies within our projects. We provide beautiful and innovative solutions to our clients, but our work doesn’t stop there.

Our Research…

Over the next few months, we’re aiming to provide a research portal to our community of developers. This portal will allow our developers to design and test a range of new technologies that inspire future developments of both Solutechnical and the Web as a whole. The sandbox created will prioritise development of Cyber Security and front-end packages.

For enquiries related to our services or research, feel free to send us an email. We love hearing from those interested in our work and are always eager to share more.

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