Three simple ways to generate leads for your business

Getting business block happens to all of us, sometimes the drip of regular customers and leads slows down to an all-time low or the change of season and social happenings throws away the attention of potential clients.

Luckily there’s a myriad of methods to bolster your attractiveness in the digital world and we’ve filtered them out to the top 3 best lead generating solutions recommended by Solutechnical

1. Start guest blogging

Guest blogs are an effective way to get your business noticed by another audience entirely; the use of a bigger, more popular website has a higher exposure rate meaning more leads and can also do wonders for SEO if optimized correctly.

Make sure your content posted to the guest blog is relevant to the audience you’re presenting it to, this keeps what the audience is reading interesting, research trending and highly debated topics within these audiences for the best lead generating results.

As a guest blog author you must create unique content frequently to stand out from the crowd, a quirky or debatable title will gain attention however the core content is what matters most to those that read through.

Bonus points for having a catching sub-description that appears when the guest blog is shared to social media such as this example from Microsoft.


Note how the title of the linked page boasts about the product in the clean eye-catching image, talking only about extraordinarily great qualities first.

The use of multimedia within guest blogs is a great way of generating even more interest and activity from your guest blogs also.

If for instance your marketing team has developed a brand new video for a fresh product, embed it into the guest blog and spark interest by sharing it with other blogs cross-posting to social media.

Remember it still has to be relevant to the audience and the topic you’re writing about to make an impact, nobody wants to know about cats on a dog blog!


2. Be social

One of the biggest and most important things for a business looking to keep clients and get more leads is to be actively engaging with communities and existing customers through social platforms, be it social media, email or cold-calling.

Engaging other communities by liking, sharing and commenting on social media posts can drastically change the outlook on a boring brand into an interesting one depending on how the business approaches or reacts to the target audience.

For example the American food chain Wendy’s has recently gained massive popularity through twitter by using snappy yet comical replies to consumers which proved to be incredibly popular with their younger audience.

A good example of ethically turning bad feedback around and becoming not only popular with the audience but a trending topic the competition and good engagement with the community.

positive engagement with community leads on social media

Top comments on posts should also be took into accountability.

Youtube, Facebook and Twitter take into account the amount of likes and replies to a comment and bump that person or pages comment to the top making them the most visible to anyone else viewing the post with your branding appearing first.

So whether it’s useful information helping a customer or a friendly joke with the competition being social more often on new content can positively help direct more consumers to your brand.

Social marketing leads generating solutechnical

Being social applies everywhere, even offline.

Attending conventions, talks with entrepreneurs and industry officials can build relations directly with people who will become a lead.

Talk about your business and learn about their own, discuss the opportunity of business together and keep in contact, entrepreneurs love to talk about business partners with people and are more likely to recommend your services if they have a closer relationship with you.

The better impression you make, the more likely you are to generate leads from a person in the future.

Therefore even if it takes a year for the lead to come back with potential business because they spoke to a friend of a friend, that’s still another client gained who is twice as likely to use your services again in the future.


3. Use an automated marketing tool

Capturing leads emails via a website pop-up contact form is a highly effective way of getting those who are interested in your business further down into the sales pipeline.

After setting up a pop-up capture form, leaving the form to continue receiving leads from visitors will be your best option, additionally entice the visitors with a coupon offer upon signing up to sweeten the deal.

automated marketing leads pop-up plugin

Congratulations you’ve successfully gained leads! Now what?

Create a targeted e-mail campaign suitable for your leads, be sure that your content in the e-mail is again relevant to the leads interests and if applicable to the nature of your business.

This type of automated marketing works indefinitely and has proven to be very efficient at gaining new leads every cycle.

If your website operates on WordPress and you are interested in getting the very best out of your  own websites automated marketing contact us here or at [email protected] for a wide range of bespoke services.

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Solutechnical Content Developer and Search Analyst.

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