Grow & Harvest

Grow & Harvest approached Solutechnical with a project to revitalise their current E-Commerce website in areas of both user experience and administration in April 2017. The work involved improving the speed of the website, optimising certain plugins and making upgrades to the server. The usability of the administration area has also been improved, allowing stock to be better maintained and providing better exporting options to create readable stock lists at levels that are best optimised for the store.

Bespoke changes have been made to several plugins to make this possible, including a Point of Sale system that works for both WooCommerce and internal sales to moderate stock easily. Stock control plugins have been re-invented to allow Grow & Harvest to include variables that allow the application and internal processes to function at easier usability and quicker speeds. The application has also been carefully analysed, allowing us to recommend a server perfect for its database and daily running.

We look forward to working further with Grow & Harvest in the continued improvement of an already excellent WooCommerce platform.

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