Solutechnical has been working with MySalesAcademy since February 2017 to bring additional functionality to its pre-existing website. User-roles have been added and edited to allow website visitors access to their own page and information. The website utilises GravityForms in order to retrieve user information and display fields within a PDF template that the user can retrieve via email or their related user page containing resources that allow the user to filter, edit, and download PDF’s created by themselves.

Security features have also been added to MySalesAcademy, preventing direct access to certain directories to enable its payment model to function without issue. This involved direct work to the server.

MySalesAcademy functions as part of a WordPress multisite. With regard to this, Solutechnical has provided extended multisite work related to user-roles and website cloning for personalised versions of the MySalesAcademy application.

Solutechnical has also been consulted with regard to website speed, which has been increased and optimised to allow visitors to browse the new features of the website without loss of user experience.

Finally, Solutechnical has provided consultation on the overall web presence of MySalesAcademy, offering advice on further implementations or how to handle certain elements of their sales model online.

We look forward to continued conversation with MySalesAcademy and working with their excellent team.

Testimonial from Client

Sean has been a fantastic resource for us over the past 6 months and I see him as part of our team going forward.  We originally used a developer who made a number of changes that were never explained and ultimately caused us issues in the future.  Sean came in to fix these errors and explained everything he did so that we could be made aware of all changes.

Since then he has worked with us on numerous projects to take our website forward and develop unique functionality, which we wouldn’t have been able to achieve without Sean.  He is also able to consult strategically on what we are trying to achieve from a business point of view and translate that into our website and web app functionality.  He is incredibly responsive and helps us whenever we experience issues.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sean to anyone – he has been an incredible help to our business.

Sean is very responsive and always an email away – and has dropped projects to help us when we’re having issues and need urgent help. I have, and would continue to recommend Solutechnical to anyone needing WordPress or technical assistance.  Above all, I trust Sean to give me the right advice, to provide the best option and to handle things on my behalf.

- Carrie Morgan, MySalesAcademy

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